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Unisex Crewneck Sweatshirt with Guardian Angel Watching Girl Art Print

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A guardian angel in a blue and white dress and flowing golden hair reaches out to protect a young girl as she walks along. The girl offers part of her bread to some birds that seem to be helping the angel to keep the little hiker’s eyes down and her footsteps safe.

May inspiration and imagination uplift the spirits of all who come upon this beautiful supernatural being art reproduction of an antique painting.

Perfect for anyone who loves bible stories, angels, myth, legends, fables and folklore. 

Comfortable casual apparel and active wear printed with a vintage visualization and archetype for spiritual inspiration and positive thinking.  

The mythical artwork is printed on a practical unisex long sleeve crewneck sweatshirt. 

  • Mythic Art Clothing
  • Cotton Poly Blend
  • Imported